August 7, 2017 - Meeting Bulletin
-The meeting was called to order at 12:15PM by President Elect Linda Hatfield.
              -Pledge of Allegiance
-4 way Test
-God Bless America sung by Ken Gass
-Invocation was given by  Norma Jean Evans
-Introduction of Guests and Visiting Rotarians:
              - Paul Tepp
               -Donna Zimmer
               -Tracy Farlow
-The following Rotarians were the meeting volunteers:
              - Lunch Tickets: Reagan Gilshire
-Raffle Tickets: Chris McLogan
              -Greeter: Marcia Kovacs
              -Sherriff: Charles Wickens
              -Bulletin Editor: Ryan Quinn
              -2 Minute Update: John Westerhide topic: Rotarian Magazine article about Bells.  Read your Rotarian for more details!
              -Host to Speaker: Mark Cooper
-Announcements & Upcoming Events:
              - *SERVICE OPPORTUNITY* Woodward Dream Cruise: 08/19/17 Water Giveaway.  See Bryan Frank for details or to sign up.  Big Thank you to Costco again this year for the donation of all the water!
              - *SERVICE OPPORTUNITY* Hope Warming Center: 09/13/17 Bill Roy still needs someone to bring the vegetable and/or the main course.  He is also in need of servers. Other HWC dates: 10/17, 11/8, 12/12
              - *SERVICE OPPORTUNITY* Monarch Wings restoration project to help the victims of human trafficking.  Lunch will be provided by Flemming’s so be sure to thank them with your business!    
              - *SERVICE OPPORTUNITY*  Vista Maria Dolly drive.  Bring a doll or action figure if you wish for donation next week.  The event will be on 08/23/17from 6-8PM at the Royal Oak Music Theater. Cost to attend is $35.00
              - Birthdays: Gearge Stern
              - It was with a heavy heart that Linda reported the passing of Rotarian John Joyce last week.  John was a decorated Rotarian and his good will and good works will be missed. 
              - Raffle: Daily: $10 winner: Reagan Gilshire. Big pot grew to $142 and will live to see another meeting
-Member Spotlight: Chris Braun.  Chris is the director of NEXT in Birmingham.  Next: Your Place to Stay Active & Connected A non-profit organization enriching the lives of the 50+ population of Birmingham, Bingham Farms, Beverly Hills, Franklin and surrounding areas since 1978. Chris has a passion for serving the underserved members of our community and her work at Next allows her to do this.  For example, Next has a Meals on Wheels program and a bustling transportation for the needy program.  Chris has also been on the BEF (Birmingham Education Foundation) for the last 10 years.  She has been married to her husband, Tom, for the last 27 years and she has 3 very accomplished children.  Chris has been a Rotarian for about 2 ½ years. 
Speaker:  Mark Farlow
              Mark’s experience with Rotary started in 1999 though he didn’t join until 2004. He was a Birmingham Rotarian from 2004 through 2014 and is proud to report that in that time he achieved PERFECT ATTENDANCE.  In 2008 Mark attended the Teram Leader Study Exchange program in Turkey.  Mark was club president from 2010-2011. Mark has been teaching architecture for over 3 decades and has been the recipient of many awards over the years.  He is currently working as the Director of Design at Hamilton Anderson, a minority owned architectural and design firm with more women than men at all levels of the business.  Mark loves the culture of inclusivity the company maintains.  Mark highlighted 3 large projects in his talk.  Those were, Brush Park A, Brush Park B, and the Detroit Events Center.  Brush Park #1 is in an area of the city that is well known for the heavy use of stone & masonry in constructing some of the most historic homes of Detroit.  They currently have a large scale redevelopment project in the works that will be a mixture of retail/commercial spaces and residential spaces.  Brush Park B will be done in collaboration with Bedrock and will consist of many different buildings of varying sizes, uses, and construction materials.  Lastly, Mark discussed, the Detroit Events Center which houses the new Redwings & Pistons stadium as well as a ring of buildings around it that will be for commercial business use.  He showed us many drawings for the new events center and all in the crowd were amazed.  Mark envisions the new Detroit to be both A city where everyone can live and where everyone can afford to live.  As always, we are very thankful to get speakers like this and hope all our Rotarians will make it a point to attend our weekly meetings. 
Meeting was closed with a round of Smiles.