Welcome at 12:10 p.m. by Dave Underdown
Pledge of Allegiance and Rotary 4-Way Test
Invocation by Linda Hatfield
Opening Song: America the Beautiful
Song led by: Ken Gass
Visitors and Guests ; Girish Kshirsagar, visiting Rotarian from Nanded, India; George Nelson visiting Rotarian from N. Augusta South Carolina; George’s son, Gene Nelson, from Birmingham;  Adrienne Kain visiting Rotarian from Waikiki; Dilip Kuchipudi, prospective member; Kevin Mason, Bank of Birmingham,  prospective member.  Julia Halpin, First American Title Company; James Cristbrook, Shain Park Realtors, our featured speaker.
Lunch Tickets: Regan Gilshire 
Raffle Tickets and Raffle: Cindy Broderick
Sheriff: Pat Grady
Greeter: Linda Hatfield
Bulletin Editor: Bill Roy
2 Minute Update: Dan Nerad on the topic of Birmingham Schools.  BPS thanks the Rotary club for its continued service.  BPS is looking for new partnerships, with an eye toward exposing students to career opportunities.  BPS mission is twofold- first students must learn well, which most do, Dan’s job is not done until all do; second students must build character skills.  Dan also mentioned the November election, in which a new majority of the BPS Board will be elected, and BPS bond issue is up for vote.  Dan reported that this year BPS has invested in new front entrances for ½ of the school buildings, which is a safety feature.  Next year the entrances for other ½ of the buildings will be done, and the Seaholm and Groves auditoriums will be renovated. 
Rotary Minute: Joe Bauman reported on the BRC’s Ugandan water well projects.  To date, we have provided three wells.  The first was used so extensively that there was a danger it would be damaged from overuse, so a second was funded, and then a third.  A project which envisioned serving 3,000 people has grown to serve many thousands more.  Joe read excerpts from a note of gratitude from the residents.  The final cost, including District grants was $27,000.  The final return is priceless.
Announcements & Upcoming events: 
  • Hope Warming Center:  Bill Roy reported that we need volunteers for Thursday August 25th, and passed the sign-up sheet around.  When the sheet was passed, one of our prospective members, Dilip Kuchipudi, volunteered to serve that evening.  
  • Chris Winans reported on her initial weeks as Assistant District Governor.  She urged all to make plans to attend next years’ International Conference in Atlanta.
  • Social Committee Surveys: Bryan Frank left surveys on the tables and requested that all fill them out and return them.
  • Tiger Game August 17th:  Bryan Frank reported that there are 17 tickets left for the Tiger Game August 17th.  We will be leaving by bus from South Adams Square parking lot at 5:15.  Rotarians, family and friends are invited.  This event will be our “Third Thursday” this month.
  • Dream Cruise Sign Up: Bryan Frank reported that we still need volunteers for the 3-5 and 5-7 time slots for August 20th .  We will be distributing water in front of Tiffany Florist all day.  Everyone is invited to come and help.
  • There will be a BRC Board meeting on Wednesday August 17th at 12:00 noon at the BAC.
  • BRC Golf Outing: Save the Date.  John Westerheide has reserved September 26, 2016 for the Golf Outing.  John will provide details at a later time.
Birthdays: Richard Erickson 8/11; Betsy Reich 8/13.
50/50 raffle and draw.  George Stern won the daily jackpot.  Nobody drew the 3 of Diamonds, so the pot lives.
Chris Winans introduced James Cristbrook of Shain Park Realtors.  James worked for Disney Productions for a number of years and the theme of his motivational speech was  “ How Walt Disney Changed my Life”.  Key points of his presentation were liberate yourself, whatever you do, do it well enough that your audience or customers will want to come back, never say “I don’t know” (unless your child is asking about Pokeymon), continuity is important, always stay in character, love the people you serve, test your dreams against your beliefs, and always remember that you job is to make people happy.  We would like to thank James for his presentation.
Dave Underdown adjourned the meeting at 1:15 p.m.  
Next meeting is August15th.  Speaker will be Matt Russell, Local Hop.
Bill Roy–Bulletin Editor