The meeting was called to order at 12:15PM by President David Underdown. 
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • 4 way Test
  • America the Beautiful was sung by Russ Ives
  • Invocation was given by  Rabbi Goldberg

  • Pat Grady announced the unfortunate passing of Carol Halstead (sister-in-law of Dick Halstead, former Rotarian)
Introduction of Guests and Visiting Rotarians:
  • Joe Bauman was host to Sue Smith From the Birmingham YMCA
The following Rotarians were the meeting volunteers:
  • Raffle Tickets: Chuck Moss
  • Greeter: Kayla Thompson
  • Sherriff: Chris Winans
  • Bulletin Editor: Ryan Quinn
  • 2 Minute Update: Doug Koschik
  • Host to Speaker: Betsy Reich
Announcements & Upcoming Events:
  • Masters Raffle:  Bryan Frank informed us that we wave sold 160 of the 300 available tickets for the drawing on 03-13-2017
  • Hope Warming Center: 02/27/17 Bill Roy
  • Guided Reading & Boys & Girls Reading Club at Owens Elementary: Norma Jean Evans 
  • Interact: Pat Grady informed us that Interact is doing a blood drive on 02/14/17.  Interact will also be doing a project in April at the Judson center to build a playground and will have a can drive soon.  See Pat Grady for more info.
Two Minute Update: Doug Koschik 
The library renovation project is moving along nicely. Phase 1 of 3 is currently on schedule and on budget. Phase 2 will be the youth room remodel and phase 3 will be the lobby, outside and circulation area.
Raffle: Daily pot: $5.  Winner: Bryan Frank.  The 10 of spades remained elusive in the second drawing so the pot will grow for another week.  
Speaker:  Rabbi Goldberg - Kids Kicking Cancer.  
Rabbi G. (as he is known by many people) is a 1st degree black belt, Rabbi emeritus, and an Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at Wayne State School of Medicine. Sadly, Rabbi G. and his wife, Ruthie, lost their first child at age 2 to Luekemia.  Out of this painful experience, Kids Kicking Cancer was born.  KKC is empowering thousands of children with pediatric illnesses in 4 countries.  Their specially trained martial artists are teaching these kids and their siblings a combination of techniques in breathing/ visualization/  meditation in a variety of environments to help them take control of their pain, stress and anxiety.  Rabbi G. has been given many honors such as being named a CNN hero and a being a recipient of the  Rober Woods Johnson Community Health Award.  In addition to his awards, he has received many other acknowledgements for his good works and accomplishments.
Rabbi G’s program teaches kids the 3 P’s.  Power Peace and Purpose.  A main tenant of his teachings are to breathe in the light and blow out the darkness.  This is done through their “Breath Brake” process.  KKC teaches people to be more aware of the stresses in their lives and how they react to those stresses.  This is done by trying to answer the following questions:
  • What is your trigger?
  • Where does your trigger show up in your body? Tight shoulders?  Clenched jaws? Upset stomach? 
Once you have those answered you can then use breathing exercises to reverse the adverse physical response your body is having to the stress you are experiencing.  In short, he teaches people to breathe in through the nose lifting the body with your breath.  When you think you cant take in any more breath, take one more quick breath in the exhale slowly allowing your body to drop down as you exhale ending with you shin on your chest.  This will condition your body and mind to calm down and reverse the biological response to the stressor.  
This breathing technique has shown to measurably reduce the pain experienced by children undergoing cancer treatment. 

Next meeting is Feb. 6 where Betsy Wiggins from Detroit Public Schools will be the presenter.
Meeting was closed with a round of Smiles.